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Shoulder Love ♥

I have to say, we love off the shoulder tops, dresses, rompers, whatever we can get our hands on. The detail is everything and makes an outfit all the more appealing. We received a lot of bright colored prints this Summer and some neutral colors as well to cater to all tastes. Scroll down to see some of the styles.


Tropic Like It’s Hot Top


This print and color combo is irresistible! You are for sure to stand out of the crowd. This has been a huge seller for us. It just screams Summer especially next to those sun-kissed shoulders.


Gone To Wonderland Off The Shoulder Dress


What a Royal Beauty! We really enjoy how light weight this dress is. I don’t know how the weather is where you live, but it’s a hot one over our way so it’s important to have outfits that help with the heat but still look fashionable. The flow of the Gone To Wonderland Dress is also very unique. You’re for sure to gain some compliments from this one.


Diamond Eyes Crop Top: Black


For the love of prints!! Check out this staff favorite that we just got in. The unique style had us screaming “YASS!” There’s so much opportunity with this top. The skirt pictured is also new and can be found on our website.


Show your shoulders some love and treat yourself to one of our many off the shoulder styles!






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